Author Karen Bell-Brege

Author Karen Bell-Brege

Karen Bell-Brege is an author, comic, voice-over artist and public speaker. She is the author of the bestselling children’s series, Mick Morris Myth Solver, (#'s 1-6), as well as the Ghost Board Posse series, (#'s 1-3), Sketch the Myths sketchbook (co-written with her husband Darrin) and two picture books, Bigfoot and the Mitten, and Monsters First Day at School. She has also written for the MEAPS and ELAP tests, and did copywriting and communications writing for numerous companies.

As a member of the National Speakers Association Bell-Brege visits hundreds of schools every year inspiring children and staff alike to read, write and follow their dreams to children. She also presents for book festivals, conferences and workshops. She is also the founder and director of the highly acclaimed improvisational comedy troupe, Totally Unrehearsed Theatre, where they performed weekly at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle for 15 years. She also gives keynote speeches and humor training workshops for businesses, corporations, associations and health care facilities.

A former on-air radio talent, she continues to do commercials and voice-overs, and has several character voices on Hasbro Interactive Games (Tonka Series) and Universal (Fractured Fairy Tales). As a former Communications Specialist she won a Telly Award for writing and co-directing. Bell-Brege toured nationally as a commentator for Working Woman Magazine fashion shows. She is currently the Communications Coordinator for the Michigan Chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. She is a graduate of Brown Institute and Second City-Chicago. Her husband, Darrin is the illustrator of their books. As a husband/wife team they collaborate on numerous projects, and they love to make people laugh. They have a very creative son they adore, and they happily live, love, and laugh in the mitten.

Karen's Career Highlights:

  • Author of 13 children’s books – nine chapter books Mick Morris Myth Solver and Ghost Board Posse and two picture books – Bigfoot and the Mitten and Monsters First Day at School, and two sketchbooks, Sketch the Myths Sketchbook, and The Chillart Sketchbook.
  • Watch our Fox 2 Detroit interview here - https://www.fox2detroit.com/mornings/author-couples-new-michigan-themed-kids-book-bigfoot-and-the-mitten
  • Dragonfly recipient for Monsters First Day at School picture book.
  • Presented at thousands of schools, book festivals, banquets, conferences, and writing workshops inspiring children and adults alike.
  • Started the first improvisational comedy troupe in Michigan, which performed at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle for 15 years, and for many other comedy clubs and events.
  • Studied at Second City, Chicago, and with Paul Sills, founder of Second City.
  • Taught improv and spoke for many major corporations - FORD, GM, Chrysler, Beaumont Health Care, MAHSA, Heartland-Manor Care, KPMG and more.
  • Opened for Suze Orman, Peter Brown, Linda Ellerbee, and Lou Rawls.
  • Won a Telly Award for co-writing and producing.
  • Did voice-overs for Universal, The Tonka Interactive Storybooks (voice of Sparks), The Frog Prince (various witches) and more.
  • Appeared in numerous television commercials and did voice-overs for radio commercials.

about darrin

Darrin Brege, illustrator mash-up art

Illustrator Darrin Brege

Darrin Brege is an illustrator, creative director, voice over artist, comic and public speaker. He is currently employed as a full-time VP and Creative Director for the promotional agency Helloworld (a Merkle Company), where he creates interactive digital experiences for numerous Fortune 500 companies, and manages a team of artists and animators. Brege is the artist the Mick Morris Myth Solver and Ghost Board Posse book series, the picture books - Bigfoot and the Mitten, and Monsters First Day at School. He co-wrote and illustrated the Sketch the Myths Sketchbook. He has also created original characters and animations for Warner Brothers (Space Jam), Hasbro, HBO, Coke, and Disney to name a few. Darrin has designed numerous Lucasfilm LTD approved artwork and jersey designs for multiple sports teams including Team USA Hockey's Star Wars Night, artwork for the 501st, and R2-KT charity venues. Brege had a long career as a comedic voice impressionist for radio with over 30 voice impersonations and could be heard on many interactive storybooks. Darrin attended animation school in Southern California and has a Bachelor of Arts from Albion College.  Happily married to Karen, he is also a member of her improvisational comedy troupe. They love to laugh, and he is proud to be the father of a very talented son named Mick, the namesake of their book series.

Darrin's Career Highlights

  • Currently VP and Creative Director for Helloworld (a Merkle Company) 2004 - present.
    Client list includes, Coke, Starbucks, General Mills, HBO, Nathan’s Famous, AARP, and Disney.
  • Cover Artist and Illustrator for the ‘Mick Morris Myth Solver’ and ‘Ghost Board Posse’ book series. Illustrator for picture books - ‘Monsters First Day at School’ and ‘Bigfoot and the Mitten’.  Co-writer (with Karen Bell-Brege) and illustrator for ‘Sketch the Myths,’ sketchbook. Watch our Fox 2 Detroit interview here - https://www.fox2detroit.com/mornings/author-couples-new-michigan-themed-kids-book-bigfoot-and-the-mitten
  • Designed jersey for Team USA hockey’s Star Wars Nights – which were Lucasfilm approved, and for Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants night.
  • Designed multiple patches for R2-KT and the 501st, which benefit numerous charities, including JJ Abrams 'Force For Change,' Make A Wish, and 'The Peter Mayhew Foundation.'
  • Original Michigan and American Chiller, and Adventure Club cover artist – branded both series for Johnathan Rand (36 titles).
  • Improvisational stage performing at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, as well as other comedy venues 1994 – 2006.
  • Comedic Impressionist with over 30 character voices and dialects. Weekly radio professional contributing for WDFN and ESPN radio.  2001 – 2015
  • Art Director, background art, character design, and character animation, as well as and multiple voice over credit for Universal Studio’s ‘Bullwinkle and Rocky’s Know it all Quiz Game.’ Featured voices Boris Badenov and Mr. Peabody. Animation and voice over credit for ‘The Frog Prince.’ Narration voice credit as Edward Everett Horton and other background characters.
  • Art Direction, character design, animation, and voice overs for multiple The Tonka Joe interactive storybooks for Hasbro Interactive.  Titles include Tonka Garage, Tonka Raceway, and Tonka Search and Rescue. Voice credits include Chat, Coach, and other background characters.
  • Animation and voice over Credit for ‘Lamb Chop Loves Music’ with Sherri Lewis. Disney Animated Storybook art and animation credits include, Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and 101 Dalmatians. Animation and voice over credit for Mattel’s ‘Barbie as Rapunzel.’