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Hi, thanks for visiting! We are the author/illustrator, comedy duo of the bestselling monster kids books. There’s lots of cool stuff here -  info on school visits, a book store, about our presentations, videos, and much more. Be sure to follow us on FB and Instagram!  Have fun and thanks for stopping by! Karen & Darrin

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Karen and Darrin

Karen Bell-Brege and Darrin Brege are two people you should meet if you want to have fun and laugh! 

Just to tell you a little bit about them…

Karen & Darrin are an author, illustrator, husband and wife, comedy team. They have 14 monster kids books out - the bestselling Mick Morris Myth Solver series 1-6, the Ghost Board Posse Series 1-3, and the bestselling Michigan picture book, Bigfoot and the Mitten, also the award winning, Monsters First Day at School picture book, and Sketch the Myths Sketchbook. And, the new, captivating Michigan gift book, 'Your True North Michigan.'

They also have the hugely popular and hilarious, illustrated mash-up posters. Both have performed improvisational comedy for over 20 years, and have done countless voice impersonations on radio and computer games. They are constantly busy doing  school visits, family nights, banquets, book festivals and conferences - inspiring children to laugh, create, and follow their dreams (and adults, as well).


Karen reads Bigfoot and the Mitten

A fun reading of the fantastic, Michigan based picture book, 'Bigfoot and the Mitten' read by the author Karen Bell-Brege. A story about a Bigfoot who sees a sassy robin taking a mitten to her nest, and thinks he lost his mitten. So the robin agrees to help him find it, and takes him across Michigan looking for it. Funny, rhyming and heart-felt as the odd duo discover some of the most beautiful, interesting, and historic places in the state. It's pure Michigan throughout, and a wonderful learning tool for students, and perfect for teachers and librarians, featuring Michigan facts in the back of the book. 

Watch the Bigfoot and the Mitten Animated Trailer

As Bigfoot and a robin are in search of Bigfoot’s lost mitten this adventurous and humorous book takes you on a delightful ride. This unlikely duo visits many of Michigan’s most wonderful and well-known sites. The touching ending proves that what you may think you lost, can really be found at home.

Learn to draw Bigfoot's smiling face!

Here's a quick sketch of Bigfoot's face from our picture book 'Bigfoot and the Mitten' to teach you how to draw him. We start out drawing in blue, so it's really light, then we clean up the sketch with black lines. It's like using a light pencil then inking over it. Follow along and build the expression around our shapes and guidelines. Go ahead, give it a try. You can pause the video between the steps...Have fun!

Author and Illustrator team, Karen and Darrin Brege, on kid's books.

Author Karen Bell-Brege and Illustrator Darrin Brege, of the Mick Morris Myth Solver and Ghost Board Posse book series, share their thoughts on the importance of getting children to read books that they enjoy.  Interviewed at the Motor City Comic Con.  Video courtesy of ONtv

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Karen and Darrin